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An experience of mindfulness and positive thoughtstreaming with Margaret Forde.The tracks on this CD vary in length, some times you may want a brief session to start your day, or to bring your awareness back to the present in the middle of a busy one,  sometimes a longer session to unwind. The content differs too so you can select what approach suits you the best on a particular day.

Track 1:  Relaxation using body scan and positive thoughtstreaming™  (22  mins)

Track 2 : Loving Kindness meditation (14 mins)

Track 3: Mindful focus on the Breath  (12 mins)

Track 4: Counting Down meditation and positive thoughtstreaming™  (12 mins)

Track 5: The Beach  (15 mins)

Words: Margaret Forde www.margaretforde.com

Music: Danny Forde www.dannyforde.com

Design: Aidan Murray  aidanmurray@gmail.com


Price: €14.99

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