SAVE 40 euro  when  you enrol a “meditation buddy” .

*Normal fee is €120 each. Book now online, pay €200 for two and save €40

Research shows that when it comes to making lifestyle changes, that if you have social support, in the form of a friend, partner, sister, brother, parent, son or daughter on board with your new program, you are more likely to make lasting changes. With this in mind, I actively encourage people to bring a “meditation buddy” to the course, so the two of you can encourage each other.

Also, did you know about the Ripple Effect of Happiness? Research also shows that happiness is contagious, to three degrees of separation. If you are happy, not only are your friends more likely to be happy, but also your friends’ friends! So getting yourself into a good space is highly likely to affect others in your orbit.  So  two of you take the course together, the ripple effect multiplies and spreads outwards, like multiple stones being thrown into a pond!