Mindful Everyday (Download MP3)

An experience of mindfulness and positive thoughtstreaming with Margaret Forde. The tracks on this CD vary in length, some times you may want a brief session to start your day, or to bring your awareness back to the present in the middle of a busy one,  sometimes a longer session to unwind. The content differs too so you can select what approach suits you the best on a particular day.

Track 1:  Relaxation using body scan and positive thoughtstreaming™  (22  mins)

Track 2 : Loving Kindness meditation (14 mins)

Track 3: Mindful focus on the Breath  (12 mins)

Track 4: Counting Down meditation and positive thoughtstreaming™  (12 mins)

Track 5: The Beach  (15 mins)

Words: Margaret Forde www.margaretforde.com

Music: Danny Forde www.dannyforde.com

Design: Aidan Murray  aidanmurray@gmail.com


Now you can download the complete Mindful Everyday CD to your computer or iPod, taking your mindfulness practice with you wherever you go.

Choose to download the full album with 5 complete guided meditations between 12-22 minutes to make it easier for you to make time to practice.

Or alternatively you can download one track, 'Relaxation with Body Scan and Positive Thoughtstreaming'.

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