Six months ago I had some trouble at work. I was under pressure and my mood was reflected on my private life. I could not sleep; I was continuously tired, unhappy. I was looking for some solution and found your course of Positive PsychologyI did not write earlier to you in order to estimate if your course changed my life permanently. The answer is yes. I can sleep now. I have got angry at work only twice and I was able to manage it. I am positive about the future. I have a feeling that everything is just fine. I enjoy talking to people and find time for this, even though nothing really changed at work. If I am feeling a little down, I know how to relax and get my power and potential back. It was a course and a great investment in my personal development! I learned how to relax and manage my own mind, and I really enjoyed sharing with people the positive experience from the week. It cheered me up and reminded me how great person I am (actually, everyone is but you have to find that insight yourself).

I highly recommend your courses to people who are down but also for people who want to learn more about their mind and potential and wish you continued success in your work changing peoples’ lives.


Your course helped me to clear a lot of stuff from my head.  After about the the 2nd week, I found myself asking “why do I feel so light?” Previously, I had a horrendous few years, and couldn’t believe the course worked so well to shift the weight I had been carrying. As my job involves being a resource person for those undergoing difficult times, it will be a tremendous advantage, both in my job and personal life.  Thank you so much. 


Thanks a million for a wonderful introduction to meditation.  I really have gained a lot of strength inside during the most difficult time of my life.  Please keep me posted on any follow up courses you are doing. 


Really enjoyed the course . Great way to focus you on all the good habits you can cultivate to be happier “right now”,  not when this happens or if I lose this weight ,or if I get to this place.


The course was great, it kept me positively motivated.


Many thanks for a fab six weeks of wonderful relaxation and great learning. I would love to do a follow up course, especially on meditation. 


What a great course! Really thought it was so focused and positive. What a great group of people.  Will definitely be back again.


Really enjoyed the course. It gave me a different outlook on life and pushed me to live more in the now. 

J.S. Dublin

We concentrated on the here and now we left our past behind We were challenged, we were stretched
And it opened up my mind 


Very good course, the group discussions were very uplifting. Wish it went on longer than six weeks.