For the past 4o years or so, I have, like most people driven a car that requires me to put the key into the ignition to start. This time last year, I got a brand new mini, which started without inserting the key so I have been just one year driving this new technology.

At the weekend, I swopped cars with a friend. I took the keys, got behind the wheel,engaged the clutch etc and waited for it to start. Much to my dismay, nothing happened! Finally, it dawned on me, this is an older car, I actually have to put the key into the ignition.

Time and again, this week, I have been similarly caught out, tossing the key into the cup holder and waiting for the car to start.

So why am I bothering to post about this? Well, it strikes me as amazing, that one year’s driving the new way, has completely obliterated my 40 year old habit. In the beginning, it felt very unnatural NOT to put the key into the ignition, but the “unnatural” has quickly become the new natural. It shows, how malleable our subconscious mind is, how a new way of doing things and new thinking habits can completely replace the old.

Obviously, this is central to my Take the Steps courses and in positive psychology generally. Focussing on the good stuff, may seem unnatural at first, but can quickly become our “default” mode. So we are not “stuck” with dysfunctional ways of thinking, we can rewire our brains to adapt a newer and better technology!